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Our Friends

We gratefully acknowledge all of our friends who have contributed photographs for use on our web site and advertising. Special thanks to Matt BenDaniel, Gemini, Sue Dullard, and Dr Reichart at PROMPT (UNC Chapel Hill) for the use of their photographs. Thanks to everyone that contributes and recommends Astro Haven to their friends.

If you have already provided photographs or would like to contribute please contact us so we can acknowledge your support as well.

Click the image to the left to see these picture credits in large format;

Click the thumbnails below to see a slide show of each author's collection; or

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Matt BenDaniel is a professional astro-imager and has designed, programmed, and managed a highly automated observatory for SLOOH. His photos here speak for themselves and are available commercially.
Click here to visit Matt's website
Gemini South is part of AURA and the Cerro Pachón Seeing Monitor is collaboration between SOAR, CTIO and GEMINI Observatories.
Click here to visit Gemini South's website
Sue Dullard has had her 7 foot on top of a playhouse for years and her installation has been an inspiration for many new owners.
Roger Cain's beautiful Colorado backdrop has been used on our web site to show simply what we are really "about".
Dr. Reichart at PROMPT UNC Chaple Hill has multiple domes in Chile remotely operated from North Carolina. The range of their activity provides a wealth of operational information.
Click here to visit PROMPT's website
Paul Cox is an architect installing and supporting a number of observatories including those for SLOOH.
Click here to visit Paul's website
SLOOH provides web based observing to the public and has dome in Tenerife, Chile, and Australia.
Click here to visit SLOOH's website
Jack Harvey is an amateur astronomer in Colorado who is now the Principal Investigator for the SSRO/PROMPT Imaging Project at Cerro Tololo, Chile.
Click here to visit Jack's website
Dr. Norman O'Neil houses a starphotometer at the high-Arctic CANDAC (Canadian Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Change) atmospheric observatory at Eureka, Nunavut, Canada (north pole).
Click here to visit CANDAC's website
Laurent Bernasconi has an observatory at his country house that is entirely automatic. His interest balances between the beautiful images and the scientific work.
Click here to visit Laurent's website
Willam Perkins provided this shot of Snowy Birdland Observatory.
Robert Clark provided some nice picture of construction on a dedicated building.
Richard Fletcher uses his dome for CCD imaging and expects to implement remote operation in the near future.
John Dewan has a 55 acre recreation facility near Lake Geneva that features astronomical viewing from on top of a silo that now is finished inside with a rosewood circular staircase.
Click here to visit Camp Dewan
Universidad de Sonora has a comprehensive capability and for their Carl Sagan Observatory offers great installation pictures.
Click here to visit the Universidad de Sonora website
 Mike and Lynn Rice at New Mexico Skies offer facilities for astro vacationers world wide including internet viewing for the virtual traveler.
Click here to visit the New Mexico Skies website
   Roth Ritter is building beautiful web sites when he is not producing spectacular astrophotography and you can see  his craftmanship in both these occupations at the link below.
Click here to visit Dark Atmospheres
  Dr John Turner is physcian and enjoys the heavens above Hilo. His book Medicine Metaphysics and Miracles will be released early in 2009.

   LightBuckets offers online telecope rental with a Takahashi and Ritchey-Chrétien in Rodeo, NM, and  Mayhill, NM, as well as in Pingelly, Australia.
Click here to visit LightBuckets
   Ralph Bowman has a beautiful tan colored 12 foot dome mounted on a building with complimentary colors at Deerlick Astronomy Village in Georgia

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