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Astro Haven invented the clamshell astronomical observatory…

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 The ideal domes for telescopes, radar, and tracking devices. The lowest cost of ownership for amateur astronomers, commercial and educational institutions as well as military, defense, and government organizations.

Non-rotating fiberglass clam shell design is the cost effective solution to various instrument applications with sizes ranging from the 7-foot and 12-foot models to the big 16-foot and 20-foot domes and beyond.

Whether your passion is astronomy and magnificence of celestial bodies or your mission is range monitoring of satellites, you can operate partially open for environmental protection or wide open with unobstructed view of the night sky.

Astro Haven observatory domes are deployed worldwide in the harshest environments by schools, universities, researchers, and other scientific organizations

Astro Haven Enterprises Inc promised you new invention and we are pleased to announce we are taking orders on our new 18-foot 5-Shutter Dome! This dome is constructed using state-of-the art closed mold vacuum infusion so it is the lightest strongest and most ecologically friendly of all our domes and yes, you can order it in green. Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) give this dome aerospace precision.

The 5-Shutter design maximizes the height between the base and the top giving superior low elevation view. With a 5-meter foot print this dome is the perfect replacement for old technology. The 5-Shutter  Dome is the culmination of over a year of analysis and design to bring out the best in our much acclaimed clamshell design. Acting on the feedback from our customers, it showcases a host of new features we have patented this year.

Until our web site catches up please contact us for pricing and availability. We love to talk about this dome!



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